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Northern Lights #5 x Clementine

$73.00 per pack Brand: Madd Farmer GeneticsMadd Farmer Genetics

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Northern Lights #5 x Clementine
Mostly Indica
8-9 Weeks
10+ Seeds

Our Northern Lights#5 mother is of original 1989 Sensi Seed Stock and the best NL5 on the market hands down. Our NL5 is a heavy producer of highly resinated, dense bud, and is a super fast finisher. Pollinating her with our old school Clementine male produced some of the finest, classic old school plants available today. Super fast finishers with rock hard, super dense bud sets are a mainstay with this cross. Terp profiles and flavors of classic old school herb give this hybrid true classic character. Some plants will show more on the color side of things than others, but all plants will be solid just the same. If you are looking for an old school line with classic, powerful stone, give this one a try. We cant keep these in stock locally as they are sold out as soon as they arrive.

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