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Loud Mouth F1

$56.00 per pack Brand: Greenhand GeneticsGreenhand Genetics

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9-10 Weeks
10+ Seeds

Loud Mouth
Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
Aroma: Wood Glue / Earth / Honeydew Melon / Lemon Cream

The LoudMouth combination was made in attempt to maximize the yield of the Gorilla Glue without sacrificing its powerful aroma. The Chief Mana's arm sized colas of wood glue funk go together nicely with the branching vigor of the GG4 making this hybrid an unstoppable funk machine. Her flowers pack on the hash early and continue to cake up throughout her life cycle. Be aware that some gorilla glue 4 crosses have shown instabilities indoors due to the GG4 influence but this strain should not be effected heavily due to its lineage. The Loud Mouth performs best outdoors and in a greenhouse environment.

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