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Guard Dawg F3

$56.00 per pack Brand: Greenhand GeneticsGreenhand Genetics

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Abusive Og x Tre Stardawg
9-10 Weeks
10+ Seeds

Guard Dawg F3
(Abusive Og x Tre Stardawg)
Flowering time: 7-9 weeks
Aroma: Shoe Store / Leather / Coffee / Chemical


Guard Dawg F3 is the third generation of Guard Dawg and has been selectively bred towards the fastest flowering females that retained the most coloration. She is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. The Guard Dawg line has had its flowers tested at over 29% THC with over 10% terps, it is sure to test the strength of your filters indoors with its overpowering shoe leather aroma. It's seeds can be harder to germinate than others due to their thick shells, we recommend that you skuff the outsides of the seeds before planting for best results.

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