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Sour Fire D

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Sour Fire Lost x Sour D IBL
Mostly Sativa
9-10 Weeks
10+ Seeds

If ever there was a strain loved by all its Sour Diesel. We set off to create the ultimate expression in the Deviant style. The pedigree of this strain shines through to create a future legend.

For the selection of mother we narrowed it down to two different phenotypes of Sour Fire Lost from OSG Collective. They took their two favourite elites to create this strain. The first – Riri’s cut of Rez’s Sour Diesel IBL, a truly magnificent cut of a well worked line. The second – another elite female, the Amnesia Core cut from Hypro team. The result is a potent (and I mean potent) combination that will numb you but still completely functional.

To this we stabilised the genetics using more champions. Kaya from PNW Roots used his proven Alien Kush F2 male in a join project with TKO Reserve. They supplied a magnificent 26% THC Sour Diesel to the mix to create the best sour alien I have tried.

The combination of four champions into one strain resulted in what we call Sour Fire D. With a pedigree like this these will take a permanent place in any garden.

WARNING: This is not a strain for novice smokers. A small bowl will send you into space. A chronic smoker who has been indulging in this strain informed me that he is only consuming one third of his normal consumption.

The high on this is simply fantastic. The only draw back? You don’t realise just how high you are! Perfect balance of stoned to the bone but still functional and able to accomplish things. A different friend who suffers from colitis shared with me that after a morning bowl of this caliper he is good to go for 3-4 hours with no pain or bothers.

Both parents in this cross had remarkably similar structure. Fairly open with large buds forming. This may require staking later in flower. This strain really packs it on in the last few weeks. Can be a bit stubborn to clone but well worth it!

The two moms used were similar with that beautiful sour smell, glistening trichs and open structure. The #1 mom was sweeter smelling and absolutely covered in frost. Mom #2 was a little longer to flower with more gas smell and a slightly higher yield. Since the crew here could not decide between these two we thought it best to offer both to you!

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2017-09-04 16:31
Sure sounds epic!
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2017-09-23 07:36
So does the prize fer a F-gen cross.....
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2017-09-23 07:39
Nope hasn't bought this item fer the reason stated above........
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2018-02-19 21:45
Ok, so I finally finished my first run of these this week. I popped 10 seeds and all ten were viable and ready to plant within 36 hours. 5 ended up female and 5 were male. In the 3-4 week period 2 of the females hermied out so I actually only got 3 true female plants to pheno hunt through. All three were the same pheno, #1 mom according to the description above. I am going to have to pop the others to get the gassy pheno, which sucked but thats how it goes. It looks exactly like the photo in the description. I posted a pic of my actual results #sourfirediesel. This strain is heavily coated with sugar! outdid everything else in the room and thats saying alot. All in all I would highly recommend this strain.
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