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Phoenix Rising

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$56.00 per pack Brand: Masterpeace SeedsMasterpeace Seeds

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Spitfire x Spitfire
50/50 Hybrid
8-9 Weeks
12+ Seeds

Raspberry Beret (R.I.P. PRINCE) pheno,as the Mother,crossed to her Brother,an extremely rare Hashplant pheno,these seeds bring medication together with recreation,perfectly.

Combining many breeders top shelf genetics that emerged out of the last Fifty years,at least,these seeds will grow anywhere from Alaska to a New York City highrise apartment cabinet. She will produce quality every time.

Shorter plants reach maturity as quick as 50 days,with golf ball buds,while others will produce base ball bats of pure bliss,in 70 days.

All carry the Raspberry Moonshine smell,with a Raspberry Cinnamon Custard Trifle taste,with an excellent Lime/Diesel/Hash backdrop,on the nasal redraw,it is unique and incredible.

The heartpounding head high is instant,and within a minute,all pain is killed,she is a real pain killer,extra ordinary.

Very hard to get immune to this medicine,I have tested her against all comers,and she never seems to fail.

I am proud to release these seeds,Phoenix Rising to the community through Firestax,only.

Love from Masterpeace Seeds.

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2016-05-23 18:50
Spitfire = (Fanta-G x KO Kush x Ghost Og x Chem Valley Kush x Green Dragon)
Backcrossed three times to make, "Spitfire F3".
Now an IBL made 2016
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2016-06-11 21:21
12 Phoenix Rising seeds,One Medicine Ball seed,and 4 Masterpeace Seeds stickers in every Seed Packet,
with a hand written description and alot of love,from the Wizard of Oz (Daiveccio).
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2016-06-22 21:12
I just got these. Like the other post, I got the same goodies plus STAX was kind enough to throw in some freebies as well. I'm excited by what I've read, can't wait to get them started. Big Ups to STAX, really becoming a game changer in the community!
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2016-08-27 14:30
Just ordered these, I love anything that has been worked far enough for me to pollen chuck with my limited selection to keep her alive for next season while making myself some special beans from a special breeders project!! Thanks to Masterpeace Seeds for making her available to the public and thanks as always to Firestax and the Firestax Family!!!!! 10/10 quality and service everytime.
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2017-07-16 10:33
A beautiful plant....
Excellent job.....
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