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Lemon Larry Lavender (Short)

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$77.00 per pack Brand: Big Buddy SeedsBig Buddy Seeds

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Lemon Larry OG Kush x Lavender
Mostly Indica
9-10 Weeks
12+ Seeds

Very similar to the tall version but leans a bit more to the OG side for flavour. Grows in a shorter tighter bush for the most part, though the odd leggier plant can be found which is passed down from the father. Again, a very colourful plant with lots of deep purple contrasted by thick frost on the edges. Can be quite sedative, and is what i like to call good video game herb. If you want to run the lavender but space is an issue this is a good selection.

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2016-01-16 10:45
I'm running this plant now & she is a stunner! The plant is everything a person could want. During the stretch she sets up really nice for flower, especially under the Hortilux Blue bulb. On top of it all, she is beautiful! One of the prettiest plants I've had.

Put it this way, I cleared out some space in my mother tent for this one. It's some high quality breeding.