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Kookie M.O.B.

Kookie M.O.B.
Kookie M.O.B.Kookie M.O.B.Kookie M.O.B.
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$215.00 per pack Brand: Dirty Water OrganicsDirty Water Organics

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(Riot) gsc s1 (Og dom ) X mother of berry (clone). Reversed
50/50 Hybrid
8-9 Weeks
5 Seeds

These fems have been great .   The mother of berry clone we got in a trade from our boy "pup" from the east coast .  We blessed him with some of our mom cuts for this lady a few years back.    She was perfect for reversal and passed our stress tests.    The offspring have pumped up the weight and structure of the gsc  and there hasn't been a pheno we haven't liked


Rock solid cookie Og dom nuggs with some pheno's having immense purple and pink coloring. Og cookie berry dom flavors and smells. .


Haven't tested them outdoors but they  should do ok.   These can take normal stress and normal nutes..


This is a very limited drop not to be remade.

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2014-09-17 01:38
This strain kicks ass. Rock solid buds that reek of sweet cherry berry goodness. Dark purple jam colors that are almost black or bruise colored. Absolutely love it