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Dead Prez OG

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$97.00 per pack Brand: Life's Blood SeedsLife's Blood Seeds

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8-9 Weeks
10+ Seeds

Life's Blood Seeds brings you the DEAD PREZ OG A combination of great flavor with a smooth smoke and a heady high that puts you into cruise control with a warm body buzz.

While hypnotized on your favorite kushy couch, or on your way to a good nights rest she is a pleasure to medicate with. DPOG a pain reliever YES! It's bred it to be, she can help with arthritis to nerve pain also with sleep issues and has helped with lupus symptoms.

A Combination of the Presidential OG (OC) by way of the Sunshine Daydream-( Bodhiseeds) This hybrid has brought together rare elegant flavors and taste you have always wanted to try but its been out of reach or its been hoarded and held tightly in the dungeons of Orange County. For best terpene profiles grow organically, delicious flavors permeating your nose and palette alike.. She can take all the feed you throw at her for those that grow in other mediums! I believe you will be happy with the end results and that is a satisfying smoke from first spark to the end of a joint or bowl! This is what Life's Blood Seeds strives for in all breeding programs! This hybrid will deliver coffee, berry, grape, anise, creamy, schroomy dreamy taste in a easy to grow sexy package. This has been touted as “private stash” by some top growers all over the world. The DPOG also delivers plenty of #tricombladen trim for those extraction artist, Edibles are entirely devastating.....

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2016-05-09 22:48
Truly excellent smoke and easy to grow as well. sqounk