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  3. Saturday, 05 January 2019
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New to firestax but growing for well over a decade. Really a fan of in house, have done a few of their strains now and they have all been top quality.
So this time I've got Zurple punch Bx, Jaffacito from mean beanz and (gorilla glue#4 x gsc) x Chiquita banana from hammerhead. They are 5th week of flower and smell immense.
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The reason I love the platinum lines from IHG. This is one of the platinum valley freebies that came with the zurple punch bx
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Lovely fade mate. It's good to see UK growers doing things right. Who needs Cali right ?
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Cheers bro, can't wait for it to dry and cure.
Put the time and effort in and you get your rewards :p
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